Who is HairLuxCo

HairLux Company is a “Start Your Hair Business” Company out of St. Louis, Missouri. We specialize in providing all of the tools a new beauty professional would need to start his/her own hair business. One would say there is a lot to learn about the hair business.The thing is, all that takes time. The more you try to learn, longer you’ll be sitting there learning and not doing. 

What we wanted to get professionals doing is MOVING. We don’t want you spending all that time learning when the real learning comes from being in the field. We are the company that will provide the system that you can step into that does everything you need it to do while providing you the education on the go.

What We've Done

What HairLuxCo ha been able to accomplish is the joining of two industries. We’ve married the hair business with the affiliate marketing industry. Both are multi-billion dollar industries. And through automation technology, we’ve been able to grow our business frankly on autopilot.

What we want to do for you, the beauty professional, is get you started with your very own hair business on autopilot just like we did for ourselves. You’ll be able to step into a successful system while learning about the hair business and making money at the same time.

I was a part of one hair brand that paid me a one-time bonus for referring another stylist, but when I heard that HairLuxCo pays you on every order of the stylist you referred, I couldn't resist!"
Salon Owner

"What I love about HairLuxCo is that after 30 days of trying my hair, my customer gets an email asking to sell my hair. And the system automatically gets them signed up and started under me. I don't lift a finger!"
Shontay Heckler
Hair Stylist