Beauty Supply Owners



Your customers come to purchase hair from you.

You can tell them about our program.

More of your customers will become distributors by signing up.

They live all over the city. Our system works for them as well.

More online customers are ditching their neighborhood beauty supply.

You’ll have more local distributors buying hair from YOU!

Their customer base will grow due to our system.

You become your distributors’ local hub to buy hair for their clients.

They’ll even come to you for their online orders.

Now I know what you’re thinking, yeah right!




They’re buying the good stuff directly from overseas.

You’re not going to get those dollars back.

people that can afford the higher end hair are buying from their friends!

They’re snatching your customers hair money left and right.

All you can sell at this point to this customer is hair products.. for now. 

They’re getting into online beauty supplies too.

How many of your customers are shopping elsewhere?

Business positioning is the key to staying in business long term. 

Join us and get in front of this to be the person they have to go to! 

Your livelihood is at stake here!






This “START YOUR HAIR BUSINESS” craze has EVERYONE thinking they can do this business. You know what that means for you?

Your customers are now the go to for your other customers’ hair needs. This is the new hair business as we know it.

People are looking for a way out, and for a lot of us, its this hair business.

A lot of your customers are becoming business owners that just so happen to sell a product that you sell.

Now tell me if you would like to get in front of that and become the hub that your newfound entrepreneurs HAVE TO GO TO to win.

HairLux Company is looking to position our black owned beauty supply owners as the hubs in their communities. As they grow, you grow.

The more online sales they have, because they use social media, the least amount of time your hair sits on the shelves waiting for someone to buy it.

You almost become the local warehouse for them. As they tell someone about the program, it just snowballs. Your entire network grows.

They can buy it from you AT COST (the wholesale price) plus a $10 Convenience fee because they are your distributors. 

No need to put profits on top with your distributors only your retail customers.

What’s Truly Your Upside?​

You never have to sit on inventory.

As long as you promote our program to your customers,

 you’ll always have distributors coming to buy hair from you.

Your network will grow outside your own city.

They can put their order in with you, you can give them the hair, 

then its off your books.

Steady flow of business partners to grow your business.

Quick Side Note​

Imagine if you signed up another beauty supply owner? 

Now image having these services working for you 24/7/365.

How long will it take you to amass a large team selling hair for you?

Strange large commission checks sliding into your bank account?

What would you do with that easy mailbox money?

Your HairLux hair business would pay for itself and your family.

Give you family what you’re working so hard for… Financial freedom.

Which of your other hair suppliers offer these benefits within your business? We'll wait.

HairLux Company, LLC Other US based Vendors Overseas Vendors
Automated or done-for-you marketing on all platforms* YES NO NO
Keeps up with your customers for you so they know when to re-order YES NO NO
Makes sure your customers are referring more customers YES NO NO
Order what you want so you’re not sitting on product YES NO NO
One size fits all approach to handling new entrepreneurs looking to start a hair business NO YES YES
Beginning business owner discounts YES NO NO
They incentivize your customers to rave about you in a way that grows your business YES NO NO
Has sales funnels and marketing geared towards growing your business YES NO NO
Has powerful email and text campaigns that allow you to rest and focus on the other areas of your business YES NO NO
Monthly Business Consultations if needed YES NO NO
FREE coaching YES NO NO
Free business tools stack YES NO NO