Sell From Your Store







The key to longevity is a great product.


A great product is key to brand loyalty. Brand loyalty is key to repeat business.

We are your best choice if you want to grow your business through brand loyalty.

HairLux has a premium product that your customers will love and come back to buy repeatedly.

We offer a quality product that you can either have on hand or have shipped to your customer.

To our salon owners, if you live in the St. Louis area, we can even drop it off to you at your location before their appointment.

(After the purchase is made).

*We would come to drop off your purchase, not make the sale. That’s your client. You have to do that part.

We Carry:

  • wigs
  • frontals
  • closures
  • Bundles (7 textures), and 20+ different color assortments
  • Tape-ins (coming soon)
  • clip-ins (coming soon)
  • Hair care products (coming soon). You’ll be able to sell them under your own brand.

Beauty Salon Owners:

  • With our extended inventory, you will be able to provide other maintenance services for the extra products that you now can carry
  • You will be able to provide a higher level of customer service because you will have a lot more quality options to offer your customers
  • With the assortment of colors we offer, your stylists won’t have to die hair as much
  • You can sell the hair through your stylists
  • Let your stylists sign up under you so they can participate in the new income stream
  • Your stylists’ customers will tell others about your hair
  • The more they make, the more you make
  • Having hair on hand for your stylists to sell increases the sales volume per customer for you
  • You can sell hair to other salons and get paid off of their sales volume

Beauty Supply Store Owners:

We dedicated an entire page to your benefits! Take A look…

Boutique Owners:

  • Your customers already come to you because you have a level of quality they come to trust
  • You probably wear extensions yourself
  • Your customers wear hair extensions
  • It’s a value add to your customer base
  • It’s added revenue to your store while you sell your boutique items
  • You’re already used to the face to face selling aspect. Sell hair too.
  • You already make deliveries for your items. Add hair to that delivery.
  • Great upsell. You know women match their wig/extensions with their outfits.

Why Choose the HairLux Brand?

  • Premium brand
  • Increases brand loyalty
  • Increases profits for your store/salon
  • You can resolve problems within minutes
  • We speak english
  • You can get in contact with us 24/7/365
  • You can place last minute orders and they can be dropped off (if you reside in St. Louis, MO)
  • You have the option of having your hair on hand, drop shipped to your customer, or dropped off the day of/or before their appointment.

You’ll receive upon signing with us a FIRST TIME 30% OFF COUPON FOR YOUR FIRST ORDER as a THANK YOU for becoming one of our partners.